The Cloud Technology Nighthawk is a multi IoT sensor combining motion, temperature and humidity. It communicates over the LoRaWan protocol and is typical used in buildings for various use cases such as smart offices, warehouses and retail. 

Motion Sensor (PIR)
(Angle 100° - Range 30m)

Temperature Sensor
(Range - 10°C/+85°C - Accuracy 0,3°C)

Humidity Sensor
(Range 0%/100% - Accuracy 3%)

- Remotely adjustable sensitivity
- Programmable keepalive, temperature and humidity reading intervals
- LoRaWan v1.0 class 1 compliant
- Three motion detection beams
- Ultra low power consumption
- Wall mount included
- Easy, non- intrusive installation


  battery-12x                  3,6V Lithium- Thionyl Chloride

sinus2x             14μA Power Consumption

  antenna-12x                14dBm  RF Power
                        -146dBm RX Sensitivity
                        High Gain Ceramic Embedded Antenna

measure-12x              110 x 40 x 50 (HxWxD)